We Stand For Real

In a world where consumers are your media, nothing beats real.

Real matters because people trust people.

And in a world where everyone is connected to everyone and everything, where billions of stories are shared every day, where there’s so much noise it’s a struggle to be heard, or believed, nothing is more sought-after or trusted.

Nothing beats real.

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How To Grow Your Brand In A World Where Customers Have More Media Power Than You Do


It’s happening..

Technology and shifting consumer behaviour are changing the world of marketing.Large and small, old and new, businesses are having to adopt new ways of working and new ways of thinking about brand and customer relationships.

As one of the UK’s first specialist social agencies we have helped lead this change.

Brand story-telling is now largely owned by the people formerly known as customers.

Special Report – Is 2018 the year of UGC?

What is it?

Brand content created by users for other users. There are about 5 billion items of content shared on Facebook alone every day. The vast majority is UGC.

Why are we talking about it?

  1. Facebook has changed it’s newsfeed algorithm to prioritise content created by people-for-people.
  2. UGC is more trusted, more memorable, drives more engagement and is more influential than brand content.

Case Study: Facebook Couples Campaign for Wilkinson Sword


Wilkinson Sword asked us to help them launch the new Hydro 5 Groomer razor.

They needed a campaign that launched the product amongst 18 to 30 year-old men with a comparatively low expenditure by category standards.

We created a pre-seeding campaign, during which time there was no ATL activity, to generate both trial and advocacy.