For online purchases, a second opinion is vital

For online purchases, a second opinion is vital

Research from DigitasLBi has discovered 74% of online shoppers in the UK look for other shoppers’ opinions before making a purchase.

The report states that users’ opinions are mostly read on retailers’ websites and apps.

A further 37% consult friends and family as their main source of information, emphasising the importance of word-of-mouth in the path-to-purchase.

Just 7% see sales’ advisers’ expertise as a key benefit of shopping in-store, underlining the challenge the high street faces to remain relevant to shoppers.

For 93%, the opportunity to take more time to think about the decision is the main advantage of purchasing online.

Being a more deliberate, conscious act then purchasing-in-store, those decisions will arguably rely less on heuristics and packaging to grab the eye, and more on what other people think and say about those products.

For those purchase decisions in which system 2 is being activated, ratings and reviews, alongside offline WOM, become an even more critical part of commerce. As more purchases happen online, this trend will only accelerate.